Facebook paragraph for all class (very easy)

Facebook paragraph
Facebook paragraph

Write a paragraph on Facebook in about 200 words on the answers to the following questions.

(a) What is Facebook? (b) How does it contribute to maintain relationship among people? (c) What things are needed to use Facebook? (d) What are its functions and uses? (e) What are its disadvantages?

Facebook paragraph: Facebook is a directory of photos & basic information of its users; their profile & information of their product. Facebook is very popular & most largely used social net-working service with over one billion active users.

Facebook expands relation among people around the whole world. Facebook was first founded by Mark Zucker Berg along with his roommates & classmates of Harvard University. Later on its network expanded to many other colleges & universities. More later on, Its network expanded up to school level. Any students over 18 years can become a registered user of it.

Name: Facebook Paragraph

Though Facebook gives entertainment to student-users & helps them know one another, it has now become a curse for the students. Some Students spend their valuable time in Facebook neglecting their studies. In the United States, Facebook has turned into a national obsession encouraging narcissism. Facebook has both uses & abuses. Its merits in the field of friends-making, chatting, job-seeking, connecting people, & business expanding can not be denied. The use of Facebook is expanding because one can use Facebook paying a very little to internet service provider. Other reason is that fit helps us to make us public to the world’s people most importantly.

Name: Facebook Paragraph

A user will avail “Privacy Protection Measure” if he/she desires so. In spite of all these the demerits of Facebook in derailing teenagers & even the adult can not also be denied. Facebook is now almost equally used & abused. We should take all possible steps so that this blessing doesn’t turn into a curse.

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Facebook Paragraph

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