Internship Report on Bangladesh Krishi Bank

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Internship Report on Bangladesh Krishi Bank

Internship Report on Credit Management of Bangladesh Krishi Bank

Executive Summary

The report is originated as a result of my internship program that I’ve completed as a requirement of BBA program of Daffodil International University. This report is solely based on my internship experience of 3 months at Hatubanga Branch of Bangladesh Krishi Bank. This report contains practical working experience of various tasks within the Credit Department of Bangladesh Krishi Bank, Hatubanga Branch.

The objectives of the study have been outlined to know the different types of credit schemes, lending procedure & approval process, credit assessment & risk management process, identify problems associated with credit management, & make some recommendations to resolve those problems of BKB.

The report is separated in several chapters. The primary chapter contains introduction, origin of report, objectives, scope & methodology & limitations of the study.

The 2nd chapter contains the overview of Bangladesh Krishi Bank in details together with kinds of Deposit & Credit.
In the third chapter, the appraisal of Credit policies & operations of credit management system of Bangladesh Krishi Bank is described deeply.

In Chapter 4th problems are mentioned out & few recommendations got including conclusion.

1.1 Introduction

Bangladesh’s economic sector is dominated by the banking sector as we have an under developed capital market. The predominance of the banking sector makes the economic sector vulnerable on the one hand, but highlights the importance of the world in resource mobilization economic process. In our country, the banking sector has travelled through a journey where the sector has experienced many ups & downs. Reforms measures are undertaken in an effort to enhance upon the structural constraints of this banking sector.

Banking sector accelerates economic process through mobilizing funds from surplus unit to the deficit unit & now-a-days, Banks are getting more customers oriented to urge hold of its target market.

Bangladesh Krishi Bank is the largest specialized Bank of the country was established in 1973. Bangladesh Krishi Bank is very popular for agriculture loan. This Bank not only provide agriculture loan, BKB performs all shots of banking activities include deposit loan & foreign exchange transactions etc.

1.2 Origin of the Report

This report is resulted by a three months long internship program at Bangladesh Krishi Bank, and is also required to fulfill the partial requirement of the internship program as non-credit subject of the BBA program of DIU.

I’ve chosen the topic titled “Credit Management of Bangladesh Krishi Bank”, because it will give me an advantage to translate the theoretical concepts of credit management into real life experience.

1.3 Objective of the Report

The main objective of the report is to identify and evaluate the credit management system of
Bangladesh Krishi bank, which includes the following specific objectives:

  • To identify the credit management system of BKB
  • To get an overall idea about the performance of BKB.
  • To identify some problems of credit management system of BKB.

Internship Report on Credit Management of Bangladesh Krishi Bank

Please download the PDF File to read full Internship Report.

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