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pohela boishakh paragraph

Question: Write a paragraph about ‘Pohela Boishakh’ by answering the questions below.

What is Pohela Boishakh?
When is this day celebrated?
How is Pohela Boishakh celebrated?
Why do people celebrate this day?
What do the traders and shop-keepers do on this occasion?
How are people dressed on this day?
Why do the Bangles celebrate this day?
What is the significance of Pohela Boishakh?

Pohela Boishakh Paragraph

pohela boishakh paragraph: The Pohela Boishakh is a common festival to all irrespective of caste and creed in Bangladesh. It is the first day of the first Bangla month of the year. People from all walks of life observe the day with great enthusiasm throughout the country. It is a national holiday.

Pohela Boishakh is the 1st month of Bangla calendar. The first day of this month is called Pahela Baishakh.The word “Pohela” means first. With the begining of the day, the new years begins. People think, it opens a new chapter of life. So they try to mark the day in various ways.

People, usually eat pantha-vat which is the century-long traditional breakfast taken by the Bengalees. Pantha vat is a food made of rice and water mixed at night and taken in the morning. On the occasion, various programmes are launched by different cultural organizations.

Topic- Pohela Boishakh paragraph

Boishakhi melas (Fairs), cultural programmes and colorful processions are arranged across the country. Businessmen open their ‘halkhata’ (fresh account book) by entertaining the customers with sweatmeats. This year, the day was also observed with great fervour and enthusiasm.

We, the students of Dhaka College, took part in the central programme at Ramna Batomul this year. Chhayanaut, a leading cultural organization arranged a cultural programme there. Many stalls to sell pantha-ilish and other attractive dolls and play-things were set up there on temporary basis. I along with some friends had pantha-ilish with our heart’s content.

The Institute of Fine Art of Dhaka University organises a colourful procession carrying festoons, placards and banners to welcome the new year. All the participants put on the traditional dress- punjama and panjabi. Besides, Bangla Academy, Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy and other cultural organizations also organise discussions, meetings and cultural functions in the evening.

I along with some of my friends participate most of these programmes. National dailies publish special supplements in this regard. Moreover, BTV and other TV channels and Bangladesh Betar air special programmes on the occasion. In fine, Pohela Boishakh is a very enjoyable festival to us. Every year we enjoy the day very much.

Or, Paragraph on Pohela Boishakh for HSC in 250 Words

The 1st day of Bangla New Year is called Pahela Baishakh. The day has a special significance for us as it is a part of Bangalee culture and tradition. In keeping with the age-old tradition, the day is celebrated every year in a befitting manner.

People from all walks of life, irrespective of races, colors and creeds, celebrate the day with traditional festivities. People wake-up early in the morning and throng some places wearing traditional clothes. The places are decorated colorfully. So, these places wear a festive look. In many places, fairs are also held. The fairs get very much crowded.

However, people enjoy these fairs much. Shopkeepers open ‘halkhata’, a fresh account book eating panta-ilish in the morning is a part of celebrating Pahela Baishakh.Different social & cultural club & educational institutions celebrate the pahela baishakh with their own cultural programmes.

Topic- Pohela Boishakh paragraph

These programmes start with the famous Tagore song, ‘Esho-he-Boishakh, Esho Esho. Artisits also sing traditional folk songs & perform classical dances to the rhythm of musical instruments. Special programmes are also aired on the radio and television. The most colourful event of the day is held at Ramna Batamul in Dhaka organised by Chhayanaut.

The cultural programme here begins just at sunrise and the renowned artists of the country take part in the programme. The Fine Arts students of Dhaka University organize colorful processions, the biggest carnival of the country.

The day inspires us to start life with renewed hopes & inspirations. The celebration of Pahela Baishakh marks a day of cultural unity for the whole nation.

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